Tara snow

Musician and songwriter

Tara Snow is a local Bend Oregon singer and songwriter who loves performing
contemporary music and soul classics.

About Tara

I was raised in the great Northwest, I have always been a mountain loving woman who was meant to live a life of adventure in the great outdoors. I’m currently residing in beautiful Bend, Oregon. I enjoy singing soul, blues, jazz, light rock, and even a little folk in between. The small town feel and rich music scene in Bend has been an amazing experience for me so far. I’ve been able to play a wide variety of venues and private events and I’m having a blast doing it! The people here are incredible.

Receiving a BA in music from UC Riverside gave me a whole new found love for the diversity of music and I love to collaborate with other artists when possible. During my time there I studied everything from jazz to mariachi and learned about different types of music from all over the world. These days, playing with my wonderful band brings me such incredible joy. We are honored to have played so many different types of gigs together and truly enjoy each fun, new, and unique experience that it brings. We truly believe that is what music is all about: having fun, collaboration, and connection with other people.

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